Deadliest Hurricanes in the World

1. November 13, 1970
East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)

The deadliest hurricane on record struck East Pakistan, flooding the low lying areas. At least 500,000 deaths are blamed on the storm, with some estimates rising as high as 1 million. The storm also had historical consequences: the apparent indifference of Muslim West Pakistan to the plight of the East Pakistanis has been blamed in part for the eventual separation of East Pakistan, which now is Bangladesh.

2. October 7, 1737
Bengal, India

This hurricane killed at least 300,000.

3. 1881
Haiphong, Vietnam

The Haiphong Hurricane killed approximately 300,000

4. 1876
Bengal, India

200,000 casualties.

5. June 6, 1882
Bombay, India

At least 100,000

6. May 3, 2008
Burma (Myannmar)


7. October 5, 1864
Calcutta, India

50,000 to 70,000

8. June, 1965
East Pakistan

35,000 to 40,000

9. October 16, 1942
Bengal, India


10. October 10 – 12, 1780
The Caribbean

This is another hurricane with historical consequences. The worst hurricane in Atlantic history, it killed more than 20,000 when it slammed into Martinique and the Barbados. It also severely damaged a British fleet in the area, shifting the balance of power to the French. This ultimately led to the defeat of the British fleet in the Battle of the Chesapeake and Washington’s victory at Yorktown.