Top 10 weird attractions to see in the U.S

1. House on the Rock, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Peculiar, eclectic, kooky. It’s been described as a combination of Yoda’s cottage and Barbarella’s spaceship, a bizarre collection gathered in a house highlighted by the Infinity Room, a 60-metre-long glass-and-steel promenade cantilevered over a valley.

2. The Enchanted Highway, between Gladstone and Regent, North Dakota

Best described as land of the giants, an assortment of oversized creatures adorns the fields along a 50-kilometre stretch of Interstate 94. Teacher-turned-welder Gary Greff erected a 13.5-metre-high tin family, plus a grasshopper, pheasants, bass, geese, deer and other creatures to amuse passersby.

3. World’s largest ball of paint, Alexandria, Indiana

Mike Carmichael got bored painting houses so, in 1977, he started painting a one-pound baseball to which he has added more than 17,000 coats weighing 500 kilograms. Mike was inspired by Alexandria’s “other ball” — a 90-kilogram hairball pulled from the town’s sewer system, a replica of which features in the annual Santa Claus

4. Leila’s Hair Museum, Independence, Missouri

Speaking of hair, hairdresser Leila Cohoon has been collecting it since 1949. She has a lock from Abraham Lincoln and one from Marilyn Monroe, but most is from ordinary people, turned into art and displayed in hundreds of frames and jewelry.

5. Skeletons in the Closet gift shop, Los Angeles

The LA coroner’s office has skeletons in its closet and is proud of it. Its gift shop sells toe tags, beach towels, hats and mugs, each carrying the coroner’s name and a body-outline logo. Don’t miss the body bag garment bag.

6. Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

In silhouette at dusk, Carhenge bears an eerie resemblance to Britain’s Stonehenge, but this one’s built from the pride of Motor City, rather than giant boulders.

7. Toilet Seat Museum, Alamo Heights, Texas

Retired plumber Barney Smith has been painting thrones for more than 30 years. He decorates each seat with something unique: Volcanic ash from Mount St. Helens, a piece of the Berlin Wall and Second World War barbed wire.

8. National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, Texas

Go here to learn the story of embalming and, casket-making and to see mourning attire, jewelry made from the hair of the deceased, memorabilia from the funerals of the rich and famous.

9. O’Laughlin’s Memorial Restroom, Waldo Pizza, Kansas City, Missouri

A mad compendium of memorabilia of waiter Joe O’Laughlin, including a news clipping lauding his candidacy for Waiter of the Year, a polka dot floor, a fluorescent ceiling, disco balls, hot-pepper Christmas lights, singing fish, a doorbell, a fountain and a

10. Presidential Pet Museum, Williamsburg, Virginia

Barack Obama’s following a long tradition of presidents bringing pets to the White House. Museum founder Claire McLean tells the story of 400 presidential pets, running the gamut from an elephant to a tobacco-loving goat and trained raccoons.