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Rio de Janeiro

Best time to go: Rainy season is from November to March around Rio. Rio was described by Darwin as ‘more magnificent than anything any European has ever seen in his country of origin’. It is certainly blessed with an...

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Best time to go: Spring and autumn have the most pleasant temperatures. It doesn’t get any higher than this! We have all heard of the mighty Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak which can be found on the crest of the great...

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Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Best time to go: Cambodia has a tropical climate, with monsoons from June to October. Best time to go is in the dry season – November to May. For more than 500 years, the city of Angkor in north-western Cambodia was the...

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Best time to go: May to September offers mild weather. It’s fr-fr-fr-freezing, but don’t let that put you off, just grab your thermals and head off to America’s Final Frontier. Nothing can quite prepare you for the scale of...

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Best time to go: A vibrant city to visit year-round. Spring is probably the most beautiful, although a crisp winter day shows Paris in a different light. Romantic and oh so chic, Paris has to be one of the most hyped and talked...

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Iguassu Falls

Best time to go: The best time of year to visit the falls is August-November, when there is least risk of flood waters hindering the approach to the catwalks. Cascading over the borders of Argentina and Brazil, Iguassu is a...

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Auckland New Zealand

Best time to go: The warmer months are November to April. The ancient Maoris call the North Island of New Zealand ‘Te Ika a Maui’, meaning the ‘Fish of Maui’. According to legend, Maui hooked North Island...

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Best time to go: Average temperatures differ very little over the year. June through October is the hottest period, while rainfall is heaviest between December and March. Mark Twain described Hawaii as ‘the loveliest fleet...

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Yosemite National Park

Best time to go: Summer can get dusty and hot – autumn is a good time to visit. Yosemite National Park is more than 1000 square miles of stunning natural beauty. Yosemite Valley is to many the highlight of the Park, and...

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Hong Kong

Best time to go: Autumn – mid-September to mid-December when humidity is lower. Humidity is high in spring (March to May) and temperatures are cooler in winter (mid-December to February) 150 years of British rule has left...

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Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Best time to go: Best to visit in April and May or August and September. Hot in September and October, then rainy from November to March On sites as beautiful as this, angels must have gazed’. So said Dr Livingstone (I...

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The Great Wall of China

Best time to go: Spring (March-April) and autumn (September-October) are the best times to visit China, nights can get bitterly cold and it can be wet. This is the largest engineering and building project ever carried out by...

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