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10 Best Prison Breaks

Tower of London (1597) Catholic dissenter John Gerard fled on a rope stretched from the Tower roof to a getaway rowboat. Libby Prison (1864) Captive Union soldiers tunneled from this Virginia prison into a nearby yard; 109...

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29 Number of years Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay had been producing oil before BP temporarily shut down part of it because of pipe corrosion 14 Number of years since the pipelines had been cleaned and checked, with a device known...

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Numbers May 29, 2006

$17,316 Total value of personal gifts to President Bush last year, including a $5,474 bicycle$39,722 Value of gifts to Vice President Cheney, including a $6,125 Colt revolver 40,000 Average number of people on the official...

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Numbers Jun. 5, 2006

-0.4% U.S. personal-savings rate in 2005, the first time since 1933 that the average American’s spending has exceeded disposable income$9,312 Estimated average credit-card debt per U.S. card-holding household in 2005 726...

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Numbers 5.29.2006

25% Drop in the number of prosecutions in which the FBI was the lead investigator, from 2001 to ’05 300% Increase in the number of FBI-led prosecutions regarding national security or terrorism in the same period. 3 ft....

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