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Top 10 Best TV of 2010

 1. “Breaking Bad” (AMC) No TV series this year has mixed knuckle-cracking tension with funny-bone-breaking humor the way “Bad” has. Both Bryan Cranston’s Walt and Aaron Paul’s Jesse were...

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Top 10 Emmy surprises 2010

 1) and 2) Connie Britton, lead actress, drama; Kyle Chandler, lead actor, drama. FINALLY. The two stars of “Friday Night Lights” have been ignored ever since the show debute. Not any more. 3) and 4) Chris Colfer,...

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The Top 10 TV Bars

10. Enterprise D’s Ten-Forward, Star Trek The Next Generation So there’s this bar and it’s on this ship. In space. And it’s 353 years in the future. And Whoopi Goldberg is the bartender. Doesn’t get much...

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