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Top 10 Alpha Females

10 Erin Burnett Despite having to put up with nicknames like “street sweetie” and being called a “knockout” by Chris Matthews, Erin Burnett is CNBC’s resident alpha female. Burnett began her career as a financial analyst...

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Top 6 Worst Pets

Cat Patients at one Rhode Island nursing home do not want a visit from Oscar the cat. For five years the otherwise unsocial feline has been cozying up to old people—about 50 so far— just hours before they kick the bucket....

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Top 10 Tackiest Celebrities 2010

 1. Perez Hilton Claim to Fame: Owner of, the ultimate celebrity gossip blog. Perez Hilton is THE tackiest celebrity today. He’s devoted his life to to violating the privacy of real stars and creating many of the...

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Top 10 Party Schools in America

10. University of Iowa 9. Plymouth State University 8. University of California-Santa Barbara 7. Rollins College 6. Arizona State University 5. East Carolina University 4. University of Miami 3. University of Wisconsin-Madison...

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Top 10 Lamest Superheroes

#10. Cypher Cypher (a.k.a. Doug Ramsey) was a member of the “New Mutants” which was an affiliate of the X-Men. They were the young mutants that were being trained by Professor X and the rest of the X-Men in the 1980s. Cypher’s...

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