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Top 7 ways to ruin your resume

1. Apply for a job for which you are not remotely qualified Many candidates believe the job hunt is a numbers game — drop enough resumes, and you’re bound to land something. But shotguns are for hunting pheasant, not finding...

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Top 10 Job Sectors in Decline

1. Department stores: Projected to lose 10.2 percent of the 1.56 million jobs they had in 2008. 2. Semiconductor manufacturing: Projected to lose 33.7 percent of the 432,000 jobs it had in 2008. 3. Motor vehicle parts...

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Top 10 Dow Dividend Stocks

10. Home Depot (HD) Market Cap: $46.3 billion Dividend: $0.96 Yield: 3.4% Barely edging out McDonald’s(MCD) (MCD) for the number 10 spot is Home Depot(HD) with a 3.4% dividend yield. This home improvement retailer has...

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