Top 5 Reasons why Windows phone is better than Android

1. Uniformity
At one point in time, only a single version is bound to be available in all Windows phones, thereby avoiding any confusion and bringing in the much needed uniformity. With Android phones there are multiple versions available and people get lured into buying the low-end Android phones with previous versions which may not be compatible with the latest apps available for use.

2. Access to Microsoft Mobile Office
It is easy to suggest that there are numerous open source applications akin to Microsoft Office available for other platforms but Microsoft Mobile Office integration is different and better. It lets you access your office documents via SharePoint Server 2010. Editing your documents takes little effort now even through your smartphone. The facility to e-mail the documents after editing is a further add-on. This feature effectively uses Microsoft’s strength, its enterprise applications, to differentiate a Windows Phone from the rest.

3. The lure of Windows Live
For those used to gaming on a Windows PC, the Windows Phone gives you the option to play the Xbox and PC games on this phone. It is not a tweaked or limited version but gives you access to all the features that you can access from your PC.

4. Freedom from advertisements
The advertisements that seem to pop up out of nowhere while you are using applications on an Android phone get a miss on a Windows phone. This is certainly preferable over being hassled by one pop up after the other. A Windows phone does not thrust the burden of ads on you.

5. Quality of applications
You do not get access to thousands of apps as yet but the kind of apps that you do get from Microsoft carry the trademark appeal and quality of a Microsoft product. You need not use applications to assess its quality. Having been developed by paid Microsoft developers, you can be assured of their quality.