Top 5 Firefox News for this Week

1. Firefox can use Chrome’s extensions

When Google Chrome introduced extensions, you might have started worrying that your favorite browser had competition. Extensions?! That’s Firefox’s turf! Well, the ‘Fox is back in the driver’s seat thanks to — what else? — an add-on.┬áChrome Extensions Manager for Firefox lets you run Chrome extensions in FF. It doesn’t yet support every Chrome API, so some extensions might not work … yet. Look for it to keep updating and encompassing more features.

2. Firefox Hacked at Pwn2Own 2010

A UK security researcher, giving his name only as “Nils,” won $10,000 for successfully hacking Firefox in the Pwn2Own 2010 competition. The exploit involved visiting a website running malicious code, but the details aren’t all public. Nils took advantage of a memory corruption vulnerability and got around some Firefox security features that he says are good tools, but not properly implemented by Mozilla. Hopefully, this year’s Pwn2Own will lead to better security for all the browsers that got hacked — which include not only Firefox, but IE8 and Safari, as well.

3. Firefox Mobile Updates

Here’s the current status of Firefox’s mobile versions, as┬áreported by CNET at the CTIA wireless conference this week: Firefox Mobile for Android should have a beta version by the end of the year (yes!) but the Windows Mobile version of Firefox is dead (boo!). As far as implementing Flash in Firefox mobile, it’s unlikely to happen. Mozilla is still pushing the move to HTML5 video, particularly in the Ogg Theora format.

4. Firefox 3.6.2 fixes epic security vulnerabiity — make sure to update!

If you’re running Firefox 3.6, make sure you update to version 3.6.2 as soon as possible. The new version was pushed out early to shut down a major security issue that prompted the German government to warn people against using Firefox. Don’t be too worried about statements like that, though, because Germany issued a similar statement about Internet Explorer the week before. What you need to know is that the problem is patched, and you should check that you’re on the latest version of Firefox.

5. Firefox users can browse as if they were in China

If you’re curious about how China’s Internet censorship and battle with Google affect the Chinese people, you can install a Firefox extension that lets you go inside the Great Firewall of China.┬áChinaChannel sets up a Chinese IP proxy, so you can test to see if your site is accessible from China, or just satisfy your curiosity about the country’s controversial policies.