The Top 10 Free Pay Per Click Tools

 10. Spyfu: Spyfu provides competitive intelligence for keywords and ad copy. This is a great tool to identify any keyword gaps you might have with your competitors. There is a pro version, but the free version gives you the big picture overview.

9. Geo Keyword List Generator: This is a great tool for building out geo modified keyword list. Just add a zip code and radius and this tool will pull in all cities, zip codes and abbreviations of relevant geo in that area.

8. Typo Generator: Similar to the geo generator, but this tool quickly produces common misspellings and typos of the desired search term.

7. Niche Keyword Finder: This is a great resource to ensure your bases are covered with your keyword portfolio. This often picks up themes that would normally go unnoticed.

6. Keyword Mixer: A quick way to build out a long-tail keyword list.

5. MSN Ad Lab: A full range of tools ranging from audience intelligence to keyword research. I also recommend adding the free Excel plug in.

4. Compete: Very similar to Spyfu, but sometimes the results differ, so it’s best to reference both sources.

3. Ad Words Wrapper: This is a great tool for creating match types.

2. Keyword Map: Another keyword generation tool, but this will display the results visually and showcase areas of possible expansion.

1. Google: There are really 11 resources included in this one.  Rather than going through each one individually, I’ve provided a little blurb about some of the ones used more frequently. I recommend using and researching all of these on your own though.

    • Google Ad Words Editor – This is a great time saver for building and setting up huge campaigns.
    • Google Website Optimizer – This tool allows you to test and optimize site content and design.
    • Google Analytics – Provides much of what an expensive analytics package can for free.
    • Google Insights for Search – A great keyword tool for determining seasonality and trends.
    • Google Mobile Ad Preview Tool – Offers a quick way to see your ads on mobile devices.
    • Other Google tools include: Google traffic estimator, Google Alerts, Google Trends, Google Ad Planner, Google URL Builder and most recently the competitive tools through the Ad Words dashboard.