Top 10 Reasons Why Soccer Will NEVER be Popular in the US

10. A Lack of Well Known American Players

Quick name another player on the US team OTHER then Landon Donovan. Can’t name another one? Neither can I.

Unlike the NBA, NFL, Or MLB, there aren’t a lot of superstars in American soccer and that’s a problem for a sport trying to build its reputation here in the States.

9. The World Cup Only Happens Once Every Four Years

It’s hard to get excited about a sport that unlike most sports, has its major tournament once every four years.

8. The Lack of Success of the MLS

Despite being around for years, Major League Soccer has not caught fire with most Americans.

A lot of it has to do with not having a lot of franchises around the country and again a lack of any known stars other then Donovan and David Beckham.

7. The U.S. Lack of Success in World Play

Despite having a decent showing in this year’s World Cup, the United States has NEVER won the darn thing. It’s hard to get into a sport when your country hasn’t been really good at it.

Americans LOVE winners and soccer in this country would have been helped tremendously had the US won the World Cup this year.

6. Soccer has to Share the Spotlight with Other American Sports

Soccer’s biggest problem is it has to compete with sports that are already established here like American Football, baseball, basketball, and even hockey.

While most of the world loves soccer and it’s the world’s number one sport, most Americans are turning their attention to the NFL and college football which starts in six weeks not to mention MLB which goes on until October and NBA training camps that open soon as well.

Ask the NHL had hard it is to compete for attention for their sport.

5. The Game is Slow

I know a lot of people will dispute this, but let’s get real here; soccer is a very slow sport. What makes the NFL and NBA popular is there is always action during the game. With soccer, you might have to sit there for hours before someone scores; prime example, the World Cup Final.

4. A General Lack of Interest Among American Adults

Although soccer is very popular with children, most American adults still aren’t that interested in the game.

3. Soccer is Kind of New to Americans

Although soccer has been around for hundreds of years, it’s kind of new to Americans. Countries from England to Brazil live and breathe with their version of football; we Americans have other sports that have been here longer that captured our attention first.

2. Lack of promotion

You see players from different sports all over the television promoting their sport; you don’t see that with American soccer. Rarely do you see anyone in this country promote the sport.

1. Lack of Exposure

Yes I know the World Cup was on ABC/ESPN this year, but unlike the other major sports, most of them have at least contracts with two or more different networks showing their games. ABC/ESPN is basically the same entity. The NFL has contracts with four major networks (NBC,Fox, ESPN and CBS)

The NBA has two, Major League Baseball has two, not to mention individual teams who have their own networks and even hockey is being picked up again.

Although soccer can be seen on ESPN and sometimes ABC, it’s rare that you see an MLS game or any soccer game really that’s not associated with World play, in prime time.