Numbers 5.29.2006

25% Drop in the number of prosecutions in which the FBI was the lead investigator, from 2001 to ’05

300% Increase in the number of FBI-led prosecutions regarding national security or terrorism in the same period.

3 ft. Height that homes in New Orleans will have to be raised to qualify for flood insurance and federal rebuilding funds.

2/3 Proportion of New Orleans homeowners who had flood insurance when Katrina hit, in contrast to 30% of Mississippians whose homes were damaged by the storm.

62% Portion of college Republicans in a poll who say religion is losing its influence on American life; about 87% of them say the apparent decline is a “bad thing”

54% Portion of college Democrats who say religion’s influence on American life is increasing; two-thirds of them think the perceived growing sway of faith is a “bad thing”

$50 million Amount paid by media entrepreneur Robert Sillerman for an 80% stake in legendary boxer Muhammad Ali’s name, image and likeness

$7 million Estimated profits generated annually by Ali’s name, image and likeness

9% Decline in the number of foreign visitors to the U.S. last year, compared with 2000

17 % Growth in the number of international travelers worldwide over the same period.