25 Great things

1 The Great Wall of China – a great wall – in China – and no you can not see it from space
2 The Great White Way – Broadway in New York City, so named from the lights of the many theatres
3 The Great Trek – the movement of over 10,000 Boers across South Africa in the late 1830s
4 The Great Auk – extinct flightless bird, aka the garefowl
5 The Great Abdication – the Bible-derived theory that ‘Christ’, at the end of the Age of Ages, will return his power to ‘God the Father’
6 The Great Cackler – the Egyptian god Geb, father of Isis, who sometimes took on the form of a goose
7 The Great One – nickname of ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky
8 The Great Conveyor Belt – a strong ocean current (which includes the Gulf Stream) bringing warmer water northwards
9 The Great Pyramid – the pyramid of Khufu at Giza c2500 BC
10 The Great Hunger – the famine in Ireland in the years around 1850
11 The Great Migration – the shift northwards by African Americans in the second decade of last century
12 The Great Dark Spot – a stormy feature of Neptune (Jupiter has a Great Red one)
13 The Great Smog – polluted fog which killed 4000 in London in late 1952
14 The Great Dyke – mineral-rich plateau above the Limpopo river in Zimbabwe
15 The Great Wave Off Kanagawa – celebrated painting by Hokusai c1830
16 The Great Pirate Roberts – Bartholomew Roberts, gentlemanly and dandyish pirate active around the West Indies in the early C18 (not to be confused with the Dread Pirate Roberts from William Goldman / Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride)
17 The Great Dane – mastiff dog breed
18 The Great Hare – Manabozho, the trickster God of American Indian myth, thought to be the source of many Brer Rabbit tales
19 The Great Escape – early on March 25th 1944, 87 men escaped from POW camp Stalag Luft III the majority were captured and killed by the Gestapo
20 The Great White Throne a huge rock structure in the Zion National Park, Utah, USA
21 The Great Rite – pagan or Druidic ritual involving real or symbolic sexual intercourse between a priest and priestess
22 The Great Game – a series of diplomatic conflicts regarding imperial expansion between Russia and Great Britain in the early C19
23 The Great Wrath – the first Russian occupation of Finland (1714-21)
24 The Great He-She – the Egyptian creation god Atun, who was intimate with his own shadow and who, despite being alone in the world, created other gods
25 The Great American Songbook – series of cover-song LPs by the pseudo-Haggistani croaker Rod Stewart