Top 5 bizarre ice cream flavors

1. Bacon Ice Cream
Sure, it’s a combination of sweet and savory that raises some eyebrows. But if bacon works beautifully in a chocolate bar, we have a feeling it just might be divine in ice cream. Buy a scoop in Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach, or try your hand at pastry chef and blogger David Leibovitz’s recipe.

2. Brown Bread
This sounds like something you’d be more likely to eat in Sweden with some smoked salmon, but it’s one of the most popular flavors at ice cream parlor Scoops in Los Angeles. Made with Grape Nuts and caramel, it sounds a little weird, but in a totally intriguing way.

3. Rosewater
Doesn’t this seem like something a maharani would eat in a gold-domed palace? Rosewater ice cream can usually be found in Indian grocery stores, but Mashti Malone has taken this traditional recipe to a whole ‘nother level with rosewater saffron pistachio and ginger rosewater.

4. Black Truffle
If people go nuts for these stinky little ‘shrooms in everything else, it only follows that they’d be to die for in ice cream, right? This one you might have to make yourself. One blogger who tried the recipe says it “tastes something like mushroomy chocolate that’s been sifted through peat moss.” Yet, she ate two bowls full, so go figure.

5. Strawberry Basil
This is a flavor we can definitely get behind and might be good for those just dipping a toe in non-traditional flavors. Take two of the most summery flavors available and mix them into our favorite cold treat, and you’ve got a recipe that sounds so right. Purists weirded out by the herb addition might be more inclined towards the strawberry buttermilk from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Like strawberry shortcake made cold and creamy!