50 National Dishes

1 Brazil – feijoada (meat and black bean stew)
2 Austria – Tafelspitz (boiled beef)
3 Malaysia – nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk and served with side dishes)
4 Benin – mokoto (stewed tripe etc, tomatoes and chili served with manioc flour)
5 USA – fried chicken
6 Belarus – galki (balls of meat or fish mixed with buckwheat and served with sour cream)
7 Morocco – tajine (spiced stew with olives and lemons)
8 Uzbekistan – pilav (rice dish with meat and carrots)
9 England – fish and chips
10 Kazakhstan – besbarmak (mutton and horse meat with broth and pasta noodles)
11 Dominica – mountain chicken (a large frog, currently banned due to rarity and infection)
12 Mexico – mole poblano (chili, bitter chocolate and fruit dish, usually with chicken)
13 Ivory Coast – attieke (cassava porridge with fried fish) and foutou (spiced boiled yams)
14 Scotland – haggis (spiced offal minced with oats, served with mashed potatoes and swede)
15 Vanuatu – laplap (grated yam, manioc and banana cooked in coconut cream)
16 Kenya – ugali (cornmeal hash)
17 Vietnam – pho (spicy beef broth)
18 Korea – kimchi (pickled vegetables)
19 Senegal – thieboudienne (spicy fish and vegetable stew)
20 Spain – cocido (meat, chickpea and vegetable hotpot)
21 Jordan – mansaf (lamb, rice and sour milky broth)
22 Grenada – oil-down (meat stew with calaloo, breadfruit and coconut)
23 The Philippines – adobo (chicken / pork stew with a sour flavour) or lechon (roast pig)
24 Ukraine – vareniki (potato or cheese dumplings)
25 Portugal – bacalhau (salted cod) or cozido (beef and cabbage)
26 Myanmar (Burma) – moh hin gha (fish broth with rice noodles and banana tree core)
27 Germany – Eisbein (salted ham shank, usually served with sauerkraut)
28 Egypt – ful mudammas (fava bean stew)
29 Belgium – carbonnades flamande (beef and beer stew) or frites / friets (potato chips, often eaten with mayo and mussels)
30 Ethiopia – doro wat (thick, hot chicken stew with boiled eggs)
31 South Africa – bobotie (spicy mince with fruit, topped with egg batter)
32 Cuba – ajiaco (meat and root vegetable stew served with black beans and rice)
33 Norway – lutefisk (lye-cured jellied cod) or fεrikεl (slow-cooked mutton with cabbage)
34 Venezuela – pabellon criollo (shredded beef with rice, plantains and black beans)
35 Poland – bigos (smoked meats with mushrooms and salted cabbage)
36 Hungary – gulyαs (meat stew with paprika and caraway seeds)
37 Iraq – massgouf (spiced, roasted fish)
38 Indonesia – rijstaffel (rice served with various side dishes)
39 Costa Rica – gallo pinto (rice and beans flavoured with peppers and orange juice)
40 Iceland – hangikjφt (smoked lamb)
41 Lithuania – cepelinai (meat and potato dumplings)
42 Liberia – dumboy (mashed cassava, served with okra and peanut soup)
43 El Salvador – pupusas (filled corn patties)
44 Singapore – jifan (chicken with rice and soy and ginger sauces)
45 Czech Republic – svickova (sour cream and vegetable sauce served with meat or dumplings)
46 Thailand – pad thai (fried rice noodles with peanuts, tofu, shrimps etc)
47 Peru – ceviche (cured fish served with citrus fruits and hot peppers)
48 Jamaica – saltfish and ackee
49 Greece – musakα (lamb with aubergines with bechamel sauce)
50 Bhutan – ema datshi (chili peppers and cheese)