Top Five Favorite J.Lo Moments

1. Selena

1997. Her breakout movie role found Lopez showing off her acting chops as the slain Tejano Singer.

2. Out of Sight

1998. In the best film of her career so far, Lopez took on the role of U.S. marshal who is drawn to a thief played by George Clooney in Steven Soderbergh’s shifty caper. Her hotel bar tryst with Clooney still ranks as one of cinema’s sexiest scenes.

3. “Waiting for tonight” video

1999. Imagine a rain forest transformed into discotheque and you’ve got a striking, laser-filled video that Lopez shot for one of the hits off her debut album, On the 6.

4. That crazy Grammy dress

2000. Remember who won the top awards that year? Neither do we. But everyone can recall Lopez’s daring Versace gown, an ode to both the female form and good double-stick tape.

5. How I met your Mother guest spot

2010.She popped up on the popular sitcom as Anita who attempts to sedue Barney.