Top 10 Television Shows For Men


This show encompasses every man’s fantasy life of being a movie star in Los Angeles and being able to bed every A-list female celebrity. Not only do you have the greatest life, but you also are able to hire your best friends as part of your team. Entourage airs Sunday nights on HBO.


This show represents the modern man that attempts to stand by and do the right thing, but is constantly getting in tough circumstances because he is thinking with the wrong head. The main character follows his long time, on again off again, girlfriend from New York to Los Angeles and always manages to meet some of the sexiest women in the most unusual circumstances. Californication airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

Two and a Half Men

A show about a middle aged Southern California man that is well off by not doing a whole lot of work. The main character takes in his brother and nephew after his divorce, but this does not stop the main character from drinking heavily and sleeping with women half his age. Two and A Half Men airs Tuesday nights on CBS.


This show tells the story of two best friends that are plastic surgeons. There is the moral partner that attempts to follow the book and moral code when living his life and the other partner who uses his career and money to go out and get in every ladies pants. From the strange people they operate on to their own personal love lives, this show is sure to bring up situations that you can’t even imagine possible. Nip/Tuck airs Tuesday nights on FX.

The Office

A show that any one who works in an office environment can relate to. Your own office probably has someone that every character in the show reminds you of. This show is about a bunch of people sitting around an office doing everything, but working. The Office airs Thursday nights on NBC.

Rescue Me

A show about a NYC firefighter squadron and the events that go on within their rescues and also away from the firehouse. The main character is a recovering alcoholic that constantly struggles with his addiction to booze and sleeping with every lady in his jurisdiction. There are overlapping relationships between the characters, their wives, and girlfriends that create plenty of tension around the firehouse. Rescue Me airs Wednesday nights on FX.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A show centered on a group of friends that work in a bar and don’t do a whole lot of anything. Each episode is unique and rarely builds off the previous one. The cast is constantly scheming and plotting to get rich or become famous, all while screwing over anyone that gets in their way. Every idea is guaranteed a good laugh of failure. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia airs Thursday nights on FX.


A show about a recently widowed mother who decided to boost her quality of living by selling marijuana. As her business continues to grow, so do her troubles along with her children’s awareness of how mom makes money. Weeds airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

Sons of Anarchy

This show is only in its second season, but is already gaining a lot of momentum. The show is based on a California biker gang that controls the local community by ruling what enters and leaves the community. There is plenty of action and deals constantly go south between other biker gangs and the local community activists who are attempting to clean up their town. Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesday nights on FX.

How I Met Your Mother

A show that revolves around a group of friends in their 20’s and their daily life in New York City. The show has a character based off just about every one of your friends. How I Met Your Mother has plenty of plot twists as the group continues to deal with daily decisions that most Americans their age face. How I Met Your Mother airs Monday night on CBS.