Top 10 Best Lines from 30 Rock

1. “It’s an honor to be nominated in the same category as Sir Dave Coulier” – Danny, who wrote the pump-up song for the Ottawa Senators

2. “That’s why I get all my news from Dick Cheney’s website,” – Jack “Silver Panther” Donaghy

3. “So if my grandfather had never gotten on the train that day, he never would have met his wife’s murderer!” — Kenneth, who always keeps his autobiography at hand

4. “Rejection from society is what created the X-men” — Liz, who has a profile on K-date, the personal section of the Kraft foods website

5. “They’re Boston Irish Catholic, they mate for life, like swans… drunk, angry swans” — Jack, who frequently makes spur-of-the-moment veterinarian appointments

6. “I had a dream that Kenneth and I got intimate in a jacuzzi… It was crazy, glistening black and white skin, it was like a close up of a killer whale being born!” –  Tracy, whose teeth are only loose in real life

7. “The Early Show? What am I, in the hospital?” — Liz, who once played a lady who was strangled on the toilet on America’s Most Wanted

8. “Unbelievable! It’s way too early for this, guys. I haven’t even had my first cup of wine!” — Pete, who wishes he could just slap the brat out of everyone

9. “I would never do that to you! Get you drunk on salmon, or any fish!” — Floyd, who will no longer order his sauce on the side

10. “And if you go on a cruise for your honeymoon, may it be free of pirates!” — Liz, whose best friend is TV, and will soon begin memorizing lines from the Corinthians under her Slanket