Top 10 Shocking moments of Spartacus ‘Blood and Sand’

10. Fugitivus loses face. A gladiator loses to a psychopath who collects the faces of those he defeats in battle. The visceral scene gives new meaning to the term face-lift.

9. Keeping it together. Getting to the end of an episode with limbs intact is quite an accomplishment. Arms, legs and heads seem to fly off rather readily. Even the survivors aren’t always in one piece. Just ask Ashur (Nick Tarabay).

8. Size matters. A new slave possesses certain impressive physical endowments. He is tricked into trying to kill Spartacus (Andy Whitfield), but is caught. He is punished by being separated from said endowment and then crucified.

7. Spartacus and Sura’s reunion. Batiatus keeps his promise to reunite Spartacus and his wife, Sura (Erin Cummings). The only catch: He has Sura killed just before the meeting.

6. Wife swap – circa 73 BC. Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) uses an arranged, anonymous sexual rendezvous to her advantage by pairing Ilithyia (Viva Bianca) with Spartacus – whom she loathes – instead of Crixus (Manu Bennett), whom she lusts for. Enraged, Ilithya snaps and brutally kills the highly connected Licinia (Brooke Harmon). Bad move.

5. Lawless goes braless. Almost everyone in the cast lets their naughty bits swing. From the well-known (Lawless) to the background extras, male or female, the cast is committed to re-creating the Bacchanalian atmosphere of ancient Rome.

4. The betrayal of Barca. A giant of a man with a delicate heart, Barca’s (Antonio Te Maioho) loyalty to Batiatus (John Hannah) is unquestioned. Nothing can save him when Batiatus feels he’s been wronged, even if he wasn’t.

3. Solonius’ last stand. Grinning, scheming Solonius (Craig Walsh Wrightson) is graphically eviscerated in the arena by Spartacus, who vows that Batiatus will join him. With that knowledge, Solonius’ head is smiling as it is removed from his body.

2. Calavius kicks it. Kidnapped by an enraged Batiatus, Magistrate Calavius (John Bach) is tied to a chair in the cisterns, beaten and his throat is cut. Solonius is framed for the assassination, and Batiatus’ power-grab turns even darker.

1. The death of Varro. Spartacus and Varro (Jai Courtney) are forced to spar in an exhibition for Numerius (Lliam Powell), the son of Magistrate Calavius. The two friends jostle, laugh and put on a show. When Spartacus gains the upper hand on his brother-in-arms, Numerius unexpectedly passes judgment: thumbs down. Spartacus is forced to slowly kill his best friend