Top 10 Tackiest Celebrities 2010

 1. Perez Hilton

Claim to Fame: Owner of, the ultimate celebrity gossip blog.
Perez Hilton is THE tackiest celebrity today. He’s devoted his life to to violating the privacy of real stars and creating many of the pseudo-stars listed below. He mocks the misfortunes of others with a vomit-inducing fervor that makes me question his mental stability. His intrusion into the private lives of celebrities will have a negative impact on the quality of future entertainers. Who wants to get into film or music when they know Perez is obsessed with the possible sex tapes they might have made? Entertainment news is refreshing, Perez, but yours is just tacky.

2. The Gosselins

Claim to Fame: Birthing two sets of multiples and staring in TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Every time I read or hear about Jon or Kate Gosselin and their eight (beautiful) children, I lose an hour off my life. This family had a sweet little cable reality TV show until their divorce thrust them into the spotlight. Both parents milk the celebrity spotlight for all it’s worth. Kate is a little more sufferable than Jon as she actually works and produces content for media. Jon’s star only rises when he discusses parenting issues with Kate via the media. Keep doing what you need to support your family, just don’t do it in front of cameras or on

3. Nadya Suleman, the Octomom

Claim to Fame: Giving birth to a rare set of octuplets while single parenting six other children. This mom made headlines when her selfish and outrageous actions made her a mother of 14. She keeps herself in the spotlight by picking up media related jobs to pay her enormous bills. As if having 14 children with no way to support them isn’t outrageous and tacky enough, Octomom goes on Oprah and attempts to convince the world that she recognizes her mistakes and she would never use her children to earn money. She has already filmed a reality TV series and agrees to a number of paid interviews concerning her children. Octomom, take a note from Kate Gosselin and own up to your fame-whoring ways.

4. Miley Cyrus

Claim to Fame: Disney TV star, film actress and singer. Miley Cyrus is a prime example of what’s wrong with the tween entertainment business. She is, at best, a mediocre actress and singer, yet Disney has invested a lot of time and money into turning her into a star. Miley is now breaking off from her Disney-created persona. In the process she spews an elevated sense of skill and claims she’s at a deeper level than ‘normal’ people. You’re a teenager, Miley. Start dressing more appropriately, take some acting classes, and put away the auto-tuned microphone (it doesn’t work anyway).

5. Michael Lohan and Dinah Lohan

Claim to Fame: Parents of actress Lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay Lohan is barely a star, but that doesn’t stop her fame-loving parents. When Lindsay Lohan makes the tabloids, both parents take to their Twitter accounts and speed dial reporters. Dinah is slightly more tasteful because she’s often defending her daughter. Michael, however, has been an absent father and refuses to pay child support. The Lohan children have publicly stated they want nothing to do with him. Still, each week he manages to steal a little spotlight by gossiping about his eldest daughter and feigning concern. Dinah and Michael, Lindsay Lohan’s only audience is her Twitter followers. Shut up, encourage her to take an active role in her success, and get yourselves a restraining order against phones, cameras and Twitter.

6. Courtney Love a.k.a. Courtney Michelle

Claim to Fame: Lead singer for the rock group The Hole. Over the years, we’ve watched Courtney Love struggle with weight, drugs and alcohol. Her reckless lifestyle caused her to lose custody of her only child, Frances Bean Cobain. She has managed to keep herself in the tabloids recently by becoming the latest celebrity to change their stage name. Courtney Love made her famous but the fame she loves oppresses her. She’ll now only answer to Courtney Michelle. Courtney dear, changing your name isn’t going to make you easier to look at or listen to.

7. Kim Kardashian

Claim to Fame: A sex tape that sparked a reality show. Kim was smart enough to notice that Paris Hilton got famous only after the release of a sex tape. Kim followed Paris’ lead and is now an important part of the E! reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She does nothing useful but her ample curves and loose lips keep her on tabloid covers. You’re a beautiful woman, Kim, and probably at least mildly intelligent. Do us all a favor and do something of value.

8. Lady Gaga

Claim to Fame: Musician and entertainer who first rocked the world with Poker Face.
Lady Gaga is tacky in a good way. She is an excellent musician and entertainer. Her songs even get this rhythm challenged writer dancing. She makes this tacky list because her clothing and costumes are just…well, tacky. Dressing like a bubble bath or solar system is great for concerts, but wearing a red latex queen vampire costume to meet the queen or stroll the neighborhood is just tacky and unnecessary. Push those boundaries, sister, just not when you aren’t working!

9. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

Claim to Fame: Tattooed home wrecker who engaged in an extramarital affair with Jesse James. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee dropped a bombshell when she sold her sexual escapades with Jesse James to the tabloids soon after Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for The Blind Side. No one has any sympathy for McGee, but that doesn’t keep her from continuing to make money off claiming to be a victim of James’ lies. If you feel remorse, Ms. Bombshell, then keep your lips and your legs closed.

10. Tyra Banks

Claim to Fame: Supermodel, creator and host of America’s Next Top Model and host of The Tyra Show. Tyra gets the last spot in the list of tacky celebrities because of her attitude. She’s a beautiful, successful woman and she’s made it her mission in life to let everyone who cross her path know. Here’s a hint, Tyra: if you have one of the top shows on TV and people recognize you as a supermodel, then they probably already know all about your successes. Give advice when appropriate, but remember it’s not all about you!