5 Common Dating Mistakes

1. Tunnel vision.

Don’t limit your dating pool to your normal “type.” Branch out of your dating comfort zone and give a chance to those you haven’t previously considered (think age, looks, profession, location). You just might be surprised as to whom you meet and fall for.

2. Underestimating how much you have to offer.

Be you; not what you think other people want (i.e. your mother, your friends or that guy you’ve had your eye on). Authenticity is sexy, and it goes hand in hand with confidence, adding up to a very attractive combination. Plus, if it clicks with someone, you’ll know it’s real.

3. Judging yourself.

Confidence and friendliness count for way more than model looks — in dating, and in life. You’re human; you have flaws.¬†Learn to rock your flaws instead of beating yourself up.

4. Expecting too much (or anything) on a first date.

Having expectations about a first date almost always leads to disappointment, especially when you’re first diving back into the game when your fear level is high. Avoid this by enjoying the company no matter what they’re like. If it’s great? Great — go out again. If the date totally tanked? Enjoy a bad date for what it is — a great story to tell your friends. Taking the pressure off makes for an enjoyable time, no matter what happens.

5. Cynic-syndrome.

When you’re in post break-up “I’ve-been-burned” mode, it’s incredibly common (and natural) to assume the worst about people. Do your best to avoid this and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how everyone isn’t your evil ex. Letting go of cynicism is a major part of moving forward. This is a hard one, so be patient with yourself!

So, as you get back out into the dating world, take a step back and be aware of yourself, your thoughts, and how you are presenting yourself to the world. Remember these 5 common mistakes,¬†know that you’re not alone in thinking this way, and try to keep these mistakes from preventing a potential future happy relationship.