Top 5 Worst Songs by the Beatles

1. All You Need Is Love (1967, Magical Mystery Tour)
…which get repeated to the point of self-parody in this catchy but thoroughly maddening novelty song.

2. Wild Honey Pie (1968, White Album)
The words ”honey pie” howled for a grating minute.

3. Dig It (1970, Let It Be)
The improv sessions that became Let It Be produced some enduring classics — and this totally useless jam.

4. Don’t Pass Me By (1968, White Album)
Ringo’s vocals had their occasional charms, but on this plodding number? No thanks.

5. Flying (1967, Magical Mystery Tour)
All four Beatles share a writing credit for the first time on this groove that curdles into a din of off-key da-da-das.