Top 5 Movie Weddings

“High Society” (1956)
Ah. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Louis Armstrong all in the same Technicolor place at the same time. Ahhhhhhhhhh. In this musical remake of “The Philadelphia Story,” socialite Kelly’s ex-husband, in the form of Crosby, dances back into her life, as a wry, seductive Sinatra also appears on the scene as a reporter. Magnificent in form as well as poignant historical value, this one was released just as Kelly was preparing for her real-life nuptials to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Good to watch if you’d like to pretend you could have afforded Armstrong as the reception entertainment at your wedding.

“My Best Friend’s Wedding” (1997)

In the late ’90s/early ’00s spate of romantic-comedy wedding films, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” stands out through sheer resistance to formula. Julia Roberts sets about sabotaging her guy pal’s wedding when she realizes that she wants the groom, Dermot Mulroney, for herself. If a Cameron Diaz smackdown of Roberts in the form of zinging her as “some big-haired food critic” in a packed ladies’ room doesn’t endear you, the fact that for once in her life Roberts doesn’t get the guy does. Two hours of schadenfreude, cat-fight satisfaction.

“In and Out” (1997)

As he prepares for his wedding, Kevin Kline is outed on national television by a former student. The only problem is: Kline has no idea he was gay. Requisite hi-jinks ensue. Joan Cusack slumps around in a froofy wedding dress, Bob Newhart stammers as a besieged high school principal, Tom Selleck smirks about as a wonderfully smarmy entertainment reporter, and you get to hear Debbie Reynolds say, “That’s because your mother’s a drunk, dear.” Awesome.

“Father of the Bride” (1991)

A must-have for the weepy rehearsal dinner. Steve Martin plays a harried father who’s preparing to marry off his eldest child and only daughter. Martin Short is priceless as a fey wedding planner. Swans are involved. Daughter has a fantastic post-feminist moment when she almost calls off the wedding after her hapless fiancé gives her a blender simply because he thought she might like to … blend something. The remake of a Spencer Tracy-Elizabeth Taylor classic, “Father of the Bride” is one of those “Office Space”-type, “the more you go through it yourself, the funnier it is” comedies. If the music doesn’t undo you, the scene of Martin playing one last basketball game with his daughter on the eve of her wedding as he reflects on her youth will. Kleenex, please.

“Confetti” (2006)

“This is Spinal Tap” for brides, “Confetti” is a lovely choice for anyone weary of competing with flush reality-show brides who have all the high-priced help in the world. A British mockumentary, the unscripted “Confetti” tracks three couples as they trip over one another on their way to the “Most Original Wedding of the Year” title. Oh, but don’t watch with parent-in-laws; one of the couples is a pair of “naturalists.” This film should make you feel way, way better about any social disasters you may have encountered en route to the altar.