Top 5 Things you should never buy used

1. Mattresses
In New York City, a used mattress might as well be a smallpox blanket. Fear of bedbugs means that there’s virtually no secondhand mattress market to speak of, and you’re a lot more likely to see an old mattress in the back of a garbage truck than on Craigslist. While that means you can get one for super cheap, we still say it’s not worth the risk in urban areas where bedbugs are a concern.

But even in the absence of the little critters, buying a used mattress is still a bad proposition.

2. Couches and Upholstered Furniture
Of course, bedbugs can be found in all sorts of upholstered furniture, not just beds.  If there are bedbugs, dust or pet smells lurking within, you’re going to have a tough time removing them through conventional methods.

3. Drop-Side Cribs

Drop-side cribs, a special kind of crib that allows you to lower the side for easy access to your child. The cribs were linked to a number of infant deaths after babies became caught between the mattress and side, and in 2010 the government formally banned their manufacture and sale in the U.S.

4. Bike Helmets
Bicycle helmets are, in some sense, designed to break: They absorb the impact of a hard blow to the head, and in the process they’ll usually crack but leave the cranium intact. That’s why experts say you should always throw out your bike helmet after a crash.

5. Bathing Suits
The fact that bathing suits are worn without underwear should be enough to dissuade you from buying a used one. Even if you run it through the washing machine with hot water and germicidal detergent, there’s no washing away that “ick” factor.